Description of the painting by Nikola Poussin "Landscape with Polyphemus"

Description of the painting by Nikola Poussin

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This painting was painted in 1649.

Before us appears the landscape in its typical form. Previously, there was an unwritten rule according to which artists did not draw nature directly from nature. They did it in their workshop. The whole landscape was built according to certain rules. The accents of the three plans were created using color.

Nature was a wonderful world for the artist, in which genuine beauty reigns. His paintings have a profound philosophical content. We feel how magnificent and powerful nature is. But at the same time, it is inextricably linked with people.

We see Cyclops Polyphemus. He sits on a cliff in the background. He loved Galatea very much and yearned for her very much. He constantly invested this unrequited love for a beautiful nymph in his songs, which he often played on pipes.

Polyphemus ceases to be a terrible monster that scares everyone around, and becomes a favorite of nymphs. They often come specially to enjoy his magnificent music. It seems that all nature has stopped and also enjoys the most delicate melodies of this tamed giant. Through the gap you can see a calm sea. This light miraculously pours onto the entire universe.

Poussin animates nature. She is alive with him. Unity is achieved through great love and great music. This feeling tamed even such a fierce monster, which was a cyclops.

We look at the picture and feel peace of peace. Dominated by green and blue colors. Contrasts are evenly distributed. But, as you know, the story of Polyphemus and Galatea ended tragically. This threatens such a magnificent symphony of nature itself. She reigned for a moment.

As soon as this thought arises, you begin to feel a dissonance between what you see and what you know. Most likely, Poussin thought this through and planned it in advance.

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