Description of the painting Vasily Perova “Crying Yaroslavna”

Description of the painting Vasily Perova “Crying Yaroslavna”

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This painting by Repin was one of the last to be created, it bears a certain imprint that the artist’s talent, unfortunately, is already dying away. The master created this canvas when he was already very sick. The picture is a little inaccurate, the pose is deliberate enough, in the pathetics, the soreness of her pathetics is clearly felt. But with all this, the manner and technique of a real artist with a capital letter is visible in it.

Repin took the traditional plot, but in his eyes it sounds a little different. Yaroslavna is suffering incredibly. She lingers on the sky and prays for help. The sun has almost set. The horizon is painted in blue and pink. The sharp picket fence is all directed upward.

The birds were alarmed by the lamentations of the heroine. They fly over the city, finding no peace. Throughout the picture comes the anxiety of expectation. It is likely that tragedy will happen very soon. One gets the feeling that Repin has invested in his creation an irresistible, desperate desire to live.

The colors of the costume of Yaroslavna show harmony with the whole landscape. The artist seeks to convey her outfit as accurately as possible. He also strives to be realistic in the landscape. But at the same time, a certain simplicity inherent in the theater is very noticeable in this work. The viewer sees the brightness of a fake character and conventionality.

The artist concentrates all his attention on the face of Yaroslavna. It is safe to say that he was able to complete this part of his creation with incredible skill. He conveyed maximum despair. The heroine is internally tense, but at the same time hope lurks in her. It seems that another moment, and Yaroslavna will fly across the sky in order to come to the aid of her beloved as soon as possible. The artist was able to convey the sincerity of the heroine, which is really genuine.

The master tried, by all means, to cope with his ailment. This picture is his desire to win. He wanted to work and create again fully.

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