Description of the icon of Andrei Rublev “Trinity”

Description of the icon of Andrei Rublev “Trinity”

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More than 600 years ago, Andrei Rublev painted the magnificent “Trinity” icon. The work was done according to the canons of church art by an artist whose heart was given to the service of God. Not surprisingly, all the works are filled with religious content.

Before us are three figures of angels sitting at the table. The number three for Orthodoxy is symbolic and directly related to the unity of God in three persons: God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Three angels calmly and leisurely have a conversation. Their poses are laid-back, clothes are simple and free.

The head of each is humbly bowed, surrounded by a golden face. Eyes are gorgeous, as if alive, they stand out in the picture, they shine, spirituality is felt. Faces emit classic subtle facial features, a calm half-smile. The images suggest that a sweet conversation is pleasant and understandable to them.

In the center of the icon is a bowl, as a symbol of the sufferings of Christ. If you look carefully, the inner and outer contours of the extreme angels also make up a large bowl. In the hands of the angels scepters, symbols of power, and in the attire of everyone there is an azure color, the color of the sky, symbolizing their involvement in God.

Behind the central figure, we see the tree of life, and to the left of it is a building symbolizing the church. Pay attention to the upper right corner. Here we see the mountain, as the redemption of the fallen world, the prototype of Calvary, on which Jesus will ascend.

The structure of the icon is subordinated to the idea of ​​the circle, which from time immemorial symbolized eternity, in this case, the infinity of love and divine trinity. There are no unnecessary details in the icon, each item is symbolic. Rublev does not burden the icon with household elements, the main focus is on the faces.

The icon was painted for the Trinity-Sergius Monastery, so the angels are concerned about the world of vice in which a man is mired. And therefore, God the Father (the central figure) is ready to send his son to the earth (the left figure) in order to atone for the sins of people. Mythic icon!

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