Description of Ilya Repin's painting “Summer Landscape” (On the bridge)

Description of Ilya Repin's painting “Summer Landscape” (On the bridge)

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The painting was painted by Repin in 1879.

On this canvas, man and nature are connected. Such creations are most valuable. Many artists depicted Abramtsevo, but only at Repin is it so touching and truly lyrical.

We see the park on one of the summer days. There are many old trees that merge into solid thickets in the background. The shady thicket is so thick that it seems absolutely wild.

In the foreground we see a bridge. It is small and already quite old, one board is not even enough. On it stands a woman in a white long dress. Who is she? This is the wife of the artist. She walks, enjoying the beauty of this virgin nature.

On the one hand, it may seem that this is a grim picture. Repin used too many dark colors. But the viewer does not have an oppressive sensation. This picture is as if illuminated from the inside. A female figure is illuminated by the rays of the sun breaking through the trees. In the distance behind the dense branches you can feel the radiance of a summer day.

It is here, in this corner of natural untouched nature, that a person can enjoy the silence, reflect and be alone with his thoughts. How often do we miss this in life.

Repin's creation is unusually bold. All greens are voluminous, each plank of the bridge is tangible. The artist prescribed all the folds of the dress. It is not a uniform white color, but rather golden, thanks to the sun's rays. We do not see the face of a woman, but it feels that she is young and full of life. She came here to think about life and feel her unity with nature. Repin managed to convey her grace, under the folds of a long dress, the graceful curves of her figure are felt. It is in perfect harmony with the nature depicted, completely merging with it. It is impossible to separate one from the other. This is a grandiose whole, conveying the most intimate thoughts of the painter.

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