Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Twilight”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Twilight”

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The trees in the paintings of I. Shishkin are especially majestic and monumental. Through them, the famous artist, master of the forest landscape, conveys the greatness of the forest. In this regard, the picture of "Twilight" is no exception. Moreover, the forest depicted at dusk makes it more mysterious and mysterious, as it should in principle be.

In this picture, Shishkin did not change his style. He only perfected the image that gives to his landscapes. The romantic image of the forest at dusk has become more expressive. Here he also managed to maintain unity in tonality.

A humid, sometimes wet path leads out of a pine forest (near Shishkin, powerful, strong and monumental oak and pine prevail in the landscapes) to the edge of the forest. In the distance is a yellow horizon that transparently transforms into a summer blue sky. In general, Shishkin has a lot of fundamentality and constancy, and in most cases the forest is represented in his heyday.

Naturally and in detail depicted soil gives moisture, which is felt visually thanks to the skill of the artist.

The painting “Twilight” is characterized by the depth of “absorption by nature”. From the forest and its edge to the horizon at dusk there is one alluring depth, which is a little scary, but generally inspiring. The large space that opens with a gap between the trees turned out to be holistic. Twilight is not only on the horizon. The reflection of their yellow-red color and in the foreground - in the water on the soil of the forest. In the foreground, thanks to the author’s light hand, the diffusion of light characteristic of twilight is also felt. This incomplete illumination is the basis of the romantic image of the forest depicted by Shishkin at dusk.

To depict a forest in this way, one must know and love it in the same way. Perhaps this was the secret of the inspiration of the great Russian landscape painter.

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