Description of Claude Monet's painting "Spring"

Description of Claude Monet's painting

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Beautiful work and a little different from all his work. How does this canvas breathe in the spring! How amazingly lively and surprisingly easily perceived by the eyes, and then fantasy adds a story that could be real.

Imagine that in this blossoming cherry orchard, two creatures met, but not simple. Let's imagine that spring and summer met in this kindergarten. We sat down in the shadow and decided to talk, to remember something, to advise something. But you never know what two young beauties can talk about. Spring has already worked hard for fame and this can be seen in the garden, but the summer has yet to work.

Monet, as it were, specifically pushes us toward something like this without portraying the faces of our interlocutors. We figuratively see that these two are discussing and talking about everything. Rest and take your time. And where to rush? It rests so well on the green grass, spring air cleans the lungs so well after a long winter. Spring says that she managed to change and fix it, and the summer thinks about what he will do and asks what needs to be done right away and what to leave for later. Such a meeting does not often take place, so you need to have time to discuss everything, talk about everything, have time to tell everything and not forget, something important and necessary.

This is what fantasy suggests. Although it could be just a meeting of two lovers in the cherry orchard or a meeting of a brother and sister. There are many options, the main thing is that the artist was able to convey the amazing vital spring mood, which people sometimes lack in a difficult urban life.

This time, Monet himself moved away from his chosen style - Impressionism - although, in principle, not so far away. He depicted reality, but at the same time he gave us, the audience, to fantasize and be surprised by the beauty.

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