Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Before the Thunderstorm”

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Before the Thunderstorm”

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The painting was painted in 187 9godu.

We see the outskirts of the village. On the right is a street with rickety houses from time to time. Two boys are busy with the usual game. They are very enthusiastic about something and do not notice that a thunderstorm is gathering.

Levitan used the most juicy colors to convey the charm of nature. All grass and trees are spelled out as clearly as possible. There is a feeling that we are about to hear the rustling of leaves and feel the breath of the breeze.

Levitan depicted a typical summer day. The sky is still blue, but very soon everything will change. A thunderstorm is approaching. Clouds are gathering on the right. They are not yet gloomy, but only slightly dark. Levitan was able to masterfully portray the moment when the thunderstorm is still in its infancy. There is still no strong wind, trees do not bend and lightning does not sparkle. All nature froze in expectation.

The artist masterfully conveyed an incredibly sunny mood, although the picture is called "Before the Thunderstorm." It may seem that before a thunderstorm, trees and grass freeze in the languid expectation of something unknown, a certain tension is created. But the picture of Levitan is different. After the rain, all nature will be refreshed and sparkle with new colors. That is why every tree and blade of grass froze in the yearning for the impending thunderstorm.

An ordinary rustic summer day has its own charm. It would seem that nothing special is happening in the picture. But true beauty lies in the ordinary. A true artist can see that which is beyond the control of others. Levitan conveys his own feeling. The whole picture seems to glow from the inside, it is filled with incredibly bright and rich colors. Rickety gray wooden houses do not create a sense of hopelessness. The viewer has an incredibly bright and joyful feeling.

The ordinary nature before a thunderstorm acquires a new sound, thanks to the skill of the artist.

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