Description of the painting Pablo Picasso "Mother and Child"

Description of the painting Pablo Picasso

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Pablo Picasso experimented with a wide range of styles and themes. The paintings reflect the trends of that time and convey the personal situations and mood of the artist.

The works created in the period from 1901 to 1904 are referred to as the “blue period”. Pablo Picasso was in a deep depression and created gloomy paintings depicting poor, sick and expelled people. He created many paintings on the theme of motherhood.

The picture was painted in 1901 by pastel. Monochrome painting painted in shades of blue. The picture evokes a feeling of longing and gloom. It is permeated with the theme of loneliness, poverty and despair. Cold tones of the picture convey a feeling of melancholy. Mother and baby are suffering people. They are sitting on the floor, amid empty blue wallpaper. Nevertheless, the mother holds the child to her, as there is nothing more expensive in the world. She represents the embodiment of love and compassion.

Perhaps the picture depicts the harsh realities of motherhood for a poor working class woman. Mom’s heart feels much deeper than we can imagine. Looking at the picture, one can imagine that this family is poor and helpless. Poverty brings pain, misery and suffering to both children and parents. But the mother is still raising a child, and will try to do everything possible and impossible so that he does not need anything. She wants to protect her child from all misfortunes and troubles. And only a strong-willed person can pass all these tests to the end.

The spatial structure is clearly defined. Mostly curved lines are present. The coverlet and its folds, with which the mother and the child wrapped themselves, are especially clearly drawn.

The work is one of the most moving paintings in the "blue period". It carries a heavy emotional burden. The picture seems to be a burden, and the plot mentally presses the mind.

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