Description of the painting by Yuri Pimenov "New Moscow"

Description of the painting by Yuri Pimenov

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Soviet artist Yuri Ivanovich Pimenov painted "New Moscow" in 1937. It is created in the style of classical realism. The picture resonates with his work Front Road, which depicts a similar composition, but with a different background and characters.

The canvas itself is called the continuation of a series of works on Moscow subjects. We see the exposition of Sverdlov Square, located near the city center, blurry silhouettes of the majestic Moscow Hotel and the House of Unions appear in front of our eyes.

In the foreground is the driver's cab of an open cabriolet, which is driven by a blond, short-cut woman in a blue dress. Ahead there is a wide road, on which a mass of other cars are driving. Crowds of residents depicted in the form of fuzzy shadows far ahead pass through the alleys. Such a panorama is very unusual for Soviet art, the author as if depicts a photograph. Like a canvas written in the thirties of the twentieth century, it can perhaps be considered revolutionary.

The entire environment is shown by the artist easily, lively and even airy using translucent shades of blue and brown. This combination of warm and cold tones brings a strong harmony to the work. Masterfully depicted the road along which cars move. It attracts attention with its absolute purity and even specular brilliance. She seems to reflect everything that is happening on her, rewriting forms in faceless shadows.

The general appearance is very noble, people are skillfully spelled out, we can even look at obscure details of their clothes, catch the light movements when walking. The characters of the picture, except for the main character, do not seem real. They are convicted in ghostly silhouettes and this gives the picture some mysticism and timelessness.

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