Description of the artwork by Michelangelo Buanarroti Delphic Sibyl

Description of the artwork by Michelangelo Buanarroti Delphic Sibyl

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Michelangelo reasoned not only in life, but also in painting as a sculptor, which is why the artist painted a fresco on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with a large number of sculptural images. Such is the Delphic Sibyl. Her passionate torso movement and gaze directed into the distance captivates the viewer. And the hand lying limply on the knee is slightly opposed to this image.

As you know, from ancient times, the Sibyls were prophets of divine origin, receiving inspiration from Apollo, the god of the sun. Delphic Sibyl was the most famous. She predicted fate in Delphi, in the Apollonian temple. In Christian and Jewish poetry, the Siville prophecies are closely related to the Bible, so their images appeared on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

The Delphic Sibyl Fresco by Michelangelo is part of the Sistine Chapel painting. The artist worked on this masterpiece for 4 years, which was a physical and spiritual feat for Michelangelo. All these years in an uncomfortable position, reclining on the stage, he worked alone, only occasionally allowing assistants to mix and grind paints.

The artist wrote a poem to his friend Giovanni, in which he complained about his physical torment, which he experienced for 4 years. In addition to these difficulties of the great Michelangelo, Julius II constantly rushed and often bothered him with his sudden visits to the Sistine Chapel. He so deduced that the artist, that sometimes he pretended not to notice the Pope, and frightened him, throwing a couple of boards down. The Delphic prophetess first got her name Sibyl.

Judging by ancient legends, according to ancient philosophers, Homer extracted wise thoughts from the predictions of the Delphic Sibyl. The Delphic Sibyl is a young and beautiful soothsayer, with her eyes fixed on the distance. This girl is so strong in spirit that she can stand the problems of the whole world on her fragile shoulders.

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