Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov “In the Park”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov “In the Park”

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The characters have no faces on the canvas, it is almost impossible to determine their gender and the goals of what they gathered in this place for. Everything is depicted in dark colors and the picture seems devoid of life, light. Instead of lush trees - black trunks, instead of sunlight - a twilight, which most likely foreshadowed the evening.

People walking in the park are practically devoid of movements. It is impossible to guess or imagine what they will do now or where they will go next. Someone is sitting on a bench, someone is walking a couple, someone is walking a dog, and someone just went out to breathe air.

There is no clear outline of the plot, it simply shows the moments of life of a group of people. There are also no details, so it’s hard to talk deeply about the picture. the clothes of people of an old style, the bodies are shapeless, and if it weren’t for the presence of skirts in women, then it would hardly be possible to even distinguish gender a little.

Rather, it is still approaching evening, as the last glimmers of the sun break through the trunks of immobilized trees. This twilight enveloped not only the park, but also those walking along it. Tired of the mundane vanity, people came here in search of detachment from everything that they experienced in a day, in an hour, in their whole life.

Looking at them, I just want to sit next to the chatting ladies on the bench and chat about anything. Just dispel your daily thoughts with the setting sun, trust in the evening and the coolness that will come with it. The artist knew that if he depicted everything in twilight, the viewer would decide for himself and he would describe what he saw or imagined by looking at the picture.

This canvas is not in vain in dark tones, because the impending evening twilight cannot be depicted by a riot of colors and shadows, but it can be done with the help of undeveloped faces, blurriness and fuzziness, as if everything had already entered this veil of darkness. Only a distinctly white spot are the child, his mother and the dog.

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